PhD in Computer Science, University of Manchester

My thesis, titled "Impact Analysis in Description Logic Ontologies", reports on techniques to detect and facilitate the understanding of the different kinds of change a description logic (DL) ontology can be subject to. I focus on logical changes, that is, changes to (asserted and inferred) axioms and terms; I designed and implemented a hybrid diff method (i.e., it takes into account structure and semantics) to detect and align changes between ontologies. Furthermore the thesis contains methods to verify how axiom changes give rise to DL reasoner performance variations, and to isolate small ontology subsets whose interaction with the remainder is highly performance-degrading for some reasoner - so called "hotspots". I was supervised by Uli Sattler and Bijan Parsia.


Research Associate, University of Manchester

Carried out a project that involved the development of a) an OWL ontology to describe scientific equipment available within institutions of the N8 Consortium, and b) a prototype Web application for faceted-browsing of equipment based on the ontology. Project supervised by Robert Stevens and Uli Sattler.


MSc in Software Engineering, University of Manchester

Completed with Merit. I was awarded a Kilburn scholarship. My Masters dissertation addressed collaboration in Semantic Wikis capable of handling OWL ontologies, with automated reasoning and SPARQL-DL querying facilities. This project was supervised by Alan Rector and Robert Stevens.


BSc in Computer Science, University of Liverpool

Completed with 1st class Honours. I received the award for Best Achievement in the Field of Computational Biology. Final year project supervised by Frans Coenen.